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Stepping into Vpho, you’ll be immersed in the traditional ambiance of Saigon. From the decor to the interior layout, the restaurant exudes the charm of Saigon’s old quarter, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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With a talented culinary team, Vpho takes pride in the diversity and uniqueness of its menu. Here, you can savor piping hot bowls of pho, fragrant banh mi, and a variety of other traditional Vietnamese dishes.

We Listen Our Clients

Specialy For You

Vpho doesn’t just specialize in pho and banh mi. The menu offers a wide range of options for both traditional and contemporary food enthusiasts. There are vegetarian dishes, seafood specialties, and many other rich and diverse choices.

With comfortable and elegant surroundings, Vpho is an ideal place for family gatherings or romantic dates with friends.

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The service team at Vpho always strives to ensure you have the best dining experience. Their attentive and friendly service will make you feel like you’re welcomed into a second home.